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20th September 2014

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I don’t believe in owls ~_~

19th September 2014

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You must be unintimidated by your own thoughts because if you write with someone looking over you shoulder, you’ll never write.

Nikki Giovanni


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14th September 2014

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I was thinking yesterday at work that if centipedes were sentient and could speak, they’d probably be like “Oh, yeah, opposable thumbs, that’s cool. On all TWO of your hands?”


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14th September 2014

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Hello, writerly friends~ ♥︎

You asked for a Writing Advice Masterpost, so here it is! Below you will find a collection of the best questions and answers from the last two years. Not only that, but they are also organized so you can find the answers to your questions quickly and get on with writing.

But wait, there is more!

This post is more than just a collection of advice, it’s a nexus for writing advice, resources, and information! That’s right, this post is going to grow over time. I will be updating this masterpost WEEKLY with new answers, writing advice videos, playlists, and more! So, make sure to bookmark this page and follow my blog ( so you don’t miss a thing~ ♥︎

Writing Advice Compilations


Virtual Writing Academy

Motivation & Inspiration

Planning, Outlining, and Getting Started


Editing & Revision

Hot Button Issues

General Advice


Writing Music & Playlists


Last Updated: 09-13-14. Click HERE to see the latest update. Latest posts are in Italics.

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8th September 2014

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6th September 2014

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I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?
— Ernest Hemingway (via feellng)

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6th September 2014

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Imagine finding a dragon egg one day, and it hatches in your house and thinks you’re its mom. Then the next morning you wake up and find this mini dragon has gathered all the lose change and shiny objects in your house in a pile, and is gnawing on a nickel. And then when you take it out for walks, it picks up every coin it sees cause its a hoarder. And your house is eventually full of coins. And you are rich. And have a dragon.

Rich with unspendable money!

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6th September 2014

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Film Meme → 6 Actresses [5/6]

Lucy Liu: "Once you embody the language, the character comes really naturally, especially when you put the costume on."


Film Meme → 6 Actresses [5/6]

Lucy Liu: "Once you embody the language, the character comes really naturally, especially when you put the costume on."

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6th September 2014


I stepped on a blackberry thorn! Right in the squishiest part of my foot! Twice, because I had to step down again to keep my balance and it was stuck in there!

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6th September 2014

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the term “aro-ace” is especially lovely because it also sounds like “arrow ace.” are you aromantic and asexual or are you an incredibly skilled and deadly archer. surprise, you’re both


Let’s not forget the original arrow ace: 



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